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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express

This program takes even longer to install than to say.  However it’s free so I will use it.  It’s a huge and complex program, as far as I can tell it’s a full SQL Server application but limited to 1 GB RAM and 1 CPU.

I’m installing it to support ClearCanvas PACS Server, which I’d like to run and test.  Microsoft products are not really my field so I’m getting used to their way of doing things.  The SS2K8E install also kicks off a number of other large products, particularly .net 3.5 sp1.  A few times the install didn’t run through and I wasn’t given a clear reason why, the only recourse at that point was to go back, check the prereqs, and in one instance uninstall and reinstall.
There was one real catch.  There is a graphical management tool, SQL Server Management Studio Express, with a link from the SS2K8E page. The first issue I ran in to was, how to get it.  The SQL Server 2008 Express download page gives you the choice of three versions: “SS2K8E with Tools”, “SS2K8E with Advanced Services”, and “SS2K8E Runtime Only”.  My first installation, I accidentally downloaded and installed ‘Runtime Only’, which took a while.  I then discovered that it did not include the Management Studio, and I could not find a way to download it separately.  So I uninstalled it, and downloaded and installed the ‘With Tools’ version.  This came with the management console…so far so good.  I am used to MySQL, and phpMyAdmin, and this database is a step up in complexity.