New Programs

I’ve heard from a few people recently with announcements of programs they’ve developed.

MillenMed is an Egyptian medical imaging company that has released PaxeraViewer, a nice-looking and easy to use 2D DICOM viewer for local (non-networked) viewing.  It runs on Windows.

IRCAD is a private research institution in France performing cancer research. They release VR-Render, a sophisticated 3D volume rendering package running on Windows, Mac or Linux.  I’ve installed the PC version, which runs well, and the Mac version, which I’ve had some stability problems with.  The program includes code from other open source projects like ITK and DCMTK.  This looks to be a highly professional product from a major institution and I’m eager to test these programs more thoroughly.

Two programs from are Sobox Image Viewer and Sobox Image Browser.  These are both small programs, particularly Image Browser which is a simple previewer.  Image Viewer has PACS client capabilities and seems a nice 2D DICOM viewer.

Spring Cleaning

I’m having a binge on visiting all the websites I list.  Sounds easy but there are about 250 of them so for every minute per site, that’s four hours.  I’m finding a few sites that are down that I thought were up – just because their site is not returning 404.  I’ll add a new field to my database of each site that contains key text, and look for this each time I ping the site.  If it’s missing I’ll visit the site to see what’s going on.

I need to repeat this entire process more thoroughly on each site, to fill in some new database fields I’m adding.  Right now I don’t record the license each program is released under, and I also want to classify such things as how easy it is to download and install the program.  Sometimes you can download right from the site, sometimes you have to go through a registration process.  Likewise the installation processes run the range from professional MSI or DMG installers,  to your drag-and-drop or unzip-in-place.