I Did Imaging in 2009

76,000 people used my site last year, which is cool, even though that’s only 6% more than 2008.  Visits were up 12%, the average user visited 1.5 times. Modest, but growth of a sort.

newzealand.pngSometimes I wonder how big the total ‘market’ is for a web site about medical imaging software, free or otherwise.  It’s a bit daunting to look at the whole picture and try to work out how many radiology departments there are in the world, so sometimes I look at a smaller sample.  Last year, for instance, Google tells me I got 315 visits from New Zealand, a place I know reasonably well.  Australia had about 1,700 visits which is about right given the relative populations.  Google Stats gives you all sorts of useful information, such as I had strong growth in Wollongong, but  the radiologists in Hobart seem to be losing interest.  Guess I’ll have to step up the Tasmanian marketing effort.  There are those who may argue that ‘meaningful’ statistics require larger samples than the number of frugalWollongongian radiologists, or readers of infrequently updated free imaging software blogs.  To them, I say, pshaw.
Back to my example.  There are about 50-100 radiologists per million population, so New Zealand has say 300.  And for each of them let’s say there are four others who might be interested in imaging – programmers, physicists, technologists, students.  So I’m going to define my New Zealand target market as 1,500 with a professional interest and who knows how many patients sent home with their scans on a DVD.  If I count only the pros and ignore the sent-homes, I’m getting about 20% of them to visit my site each year.  Not bad but I do want the remaining 80% to alexa.pngat least see how much great software is available.  And that, extrapolated world wide, would give me close to half a million unique visitors a year.  That might help me achieve one of my more modest goals: get a global site ranking with only one comma in it.