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NIFTI Libraries X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Libraries supporting NIFTI format in C, Java, and Matlab 2.0 03/30/12 04/02/14
DCM4CHEE X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w PACS server in Java 2.18.0 03/21/14 03/29/14
Ginkgo CADx X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Multiplatform DICOM viewer/PACS client with image analysis. 3.6.1 03/03/14 03/29/14
InVesalius X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w 3D surface generation from CT or MRI Beta 4 01/10/14 03/29/14
ITK: NLM Insight X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w NLM Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit 4.5.1 02/01/14 03/29/14
JiveX DICOM Viewer X Windows w Limited Java DICOM viewer from commercial vendor. 4.6.2 02/12/14 03/29/14