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Visible Patient X Windows_Macintosh w Dicom image reader and volume rendering 3.0.2 09/02/14 09/09/14
VR-Render X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Advanced 3D volume rendering and MPR viewer 0.9 09/01/11 09/08/14
Dicompyler X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Radiation Therapy research platform in Python 0.4.2 07/15/14 08/27/14
gdcm: Grassroots DICOM Li... X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Grassroots DICOM: A C++ Library , wrapped in C# and Python 2.4.3 07/26/14 08/27/14
ITK: NLM Insight X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w NLM Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit 4.6.0 07/01/14 08/27/14
Orthanc X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Lightweight cross-platform DICOM server with REST API 0.8.2 08/07/14 08/27/14
Synedra View Personal X Windows w Advanced DICOM viewer and PACS client 3.4.0 08/01/14 08/27/14