Program: MRIcro

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Summary A popular Analyze-based medical image viewer.
Description MRIcro allows Windows PCs to view medical images. It is a standalone program, but includes tools to complement SPM. MRIcro allows efficient viewing and exporting of brain images. Offers region of interest analysis. Based on Analyze format and can import.
Revision 1.40 (Released: 08/01/06) Author Chris Rorden
Platform Windows  Windows n Interface GUI  GUI n
Function Convert, Display Speciality  
Input Format AFNI, Analyze, DICOM, ECAT 6, ECAT 7, GE MRI-4, GE MRI-5, GE MRI-LX, Interfile, NEMA, Picker CT, Raw, SPM, Siemens Output Format Analyze, BMP, JPEG, PNG, SPM, TIFF
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