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Summary NLM Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Description ITK is an open-source software toolkit for performing registration and segmentation of medical imaging files. ITK employs segmentation and registration algorithms in two, three, and more dimensions. It is a cross-platform application implemented in C++. The toolkit does not address visualization or graphical user interface.
Revision 4.10.0 (Released: 06/01/16) Author NLM/NIH Insight US
Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux  Windows_Macintosh_Linux n Interface GUI, Cmd Line, Library  GUI_Cmd_Line_Library n
Function Library, Register Speciality CTMRIRegister
Input Format Analyze, DICOM, GE MRI-4, GE MRI-5, GIPL, JPEG, PNG, Raw, Siemens, TIFF, VTK Output Format Analyze, JPEG, PNG, Raw, TIFF
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ITK: NLM Insight 
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