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Summary Convert Philips PAR/REC MRI to Analyze and Nifti formats
Description The R2AGUI converts raw data from Philips MRI scanners (PAR/REC format) to Analyze 7.5 or Nifti formats, as used in SPM. It splits the single PAR/REC file pair into individual .img/.hdr files. Batch processing can handle the conversion of multiple files in one directory automatically. The interface allows one to select and browse images, see some of the meta information of the selected image in the interface, add a prefix to the filename, and batch process many images. Derives complete scan angulation from PAR files, and saves it in the Nifti header.
Revision 2.7 (Released: 10/12/09) Author Bas Neggers
Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux  Windows_Macintosh_Linux n Interface GUI  GUI n
Function Convert Speciality FMRINeuro
Input Format Output Format Analyze, NIFTI
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