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Summary Advanced open source C++/Java DICOM library
Description Imebra is a multiplatform open source C++ Dicom library with Java wrappers. It can be used on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and OSX, compiling with gcc, clang, and VS, and requires no external libraries. The library can handle Dicom3, NEMA and Jpeg files and supplies both high-level and raw access to the loaded data. The embedded images can be easily decompressed or converted to other color formats or bit depth; the library is suitable for writing Dicom Viewers or other applications. The full source code, examples and documentation are available under the GPL2 license. A commercial license that allows to include IMEBRA and the examples in commercial application is available. Imebra also supports the Unicode standard (on the fly conversion to/from Dicom charsets), the caching of large tags, and the transactions (never leave a dataset in an unconsistent state), features that can be found only in high end and expensive libraries.
Revision 2013-09 (Released: 09/04/13) Author Paolo Brandoli IT
Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux  Windows_Macintosh_Linux n Interface Cmd Line, Library  Cmd_Line_Library n
Function Library, Utility Speciality  
Input Format DICOM Output Format DICOM, JPEG
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