Program: Mango

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Summary Advanced 3D image viewer in Java   Resource
Description Mango is an imaging application for Mac, Windows and Linux. It is extensible through Java plugins, allowing file formats and filters to be added. It may be run through a GUI or from the command line and features 3D rendering, image registration, and ROI capabilities.
Revision 3.1.2 (Released: 03/15/14) Author Research Imaging Ctr, UTHSC US
Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux  Windows_Macintosh_Linux n Interface GUI, Cmd Line  GUI_Cmd_Line n
Function Convert, Display, Register Speciality NeuroPETRegisterSegmentSurf/Vol
Input Format Analyze, DICOM, NIFTI, Own/Unique Output Format Analyze, DICOM, NIFTI, Own/Unique
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