Program: DWV - DICOM Web Viewer

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Summary Browser-based DICOM viewer in HTML5   Demo
Description DWV is a web DICOM viewer in pure Javascript and HTML5. It can be used on any modern browser without any downloads or plugins. It does not require a file system and works on computers, mobile devices and internet-capable TVs. DWV can be incorporated into a PACS server that supports the WADO protocol, allowing web-based searching and viewing of DICOM studies, and can also be launched through a URL based on such a server. Depending on browser support, DWV can also load images from a local filesystem.
Revision 0.15.0 (Released: 07/21/16) Author Yves Martelli ES
Platform Windows, Macintosh, Linux  Windows_Macintosh_Linux n Interface GUI  GUI n
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Input Format DICOM Output Format
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DWV - DICOM Web Viewer