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IDICON X Windows_Linux w Cmd_Line w Interfile <-> DICOM converter/utilities Jozsef Attila Univer... HU Go xxxxx 1.2.6 Log in
MEDISP DICOM viewer X Windows w GUI w (Sante Viewer). Windows-based DICOM viewing and processing. Manos Kanellopoulos GR Go xxxxx 2.0 11/10/08 Log in
VoxBo X Macintosh_Linux w Cmd_Line_Library w Functional neuroimaging data analysis and presentation Daniel Kimberg Go xxxxx 1.8.5 06/10/08 Log in
VTK: The Visualization Tooklit X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w GUI_Cmd_Line_Library w Definitive software system for 3D graphics and visualization. Kitware Go xxxxx 5.10.0 05/16/12 Log in
IGSTK- The Image-Guided Surger X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w GUI_Cmd_Line_Library w A high-level framework for developing image guided surgery applications. Kitware Go xxxxx 4.2 06/01/10 Log in
VOLIO X Linux w Library w C library for image volume IO Ulrik Kjems DK Go xxxxx 0.4 11/01/97 Log in
MRIWarp X Linux w Cmd_Line w Intersubject registration of brain images Ulrik Kjems DK Go xxxxx 1.52 01/02/02 Log in
Simian X Windows_Linux w GUI w Volume renderer using multi-dimensional transfer functions Joe Kniss Go xxxxx 2.2.0 Log in
K-PACS X Windows w GUI w Advanced DICOM imaging workstation and PACS Andreas Knopke DE Go xxxxx 1.6.0 10/01/08 Log in
Ogles X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w GUI w Volume and slice data visualization tool Johannes Koeppen DE Go xxxxx 0.7.2 11/18/08 Log in
OFFIS Dicom Toolkit dcmtk/Mac X Macintosh w GUI_Library w Fink/Mac OS X port of the DCMTK toolkit Bernd Kuemmerlen DE Go xxxxx 3.5.4 05/04/07 Log in
MacAngioView X Macintosh w GUI w Mac XA DICOM Viewer Wil Lapointe Go xxxxx 1.0.9 03/18/04 Log in
SkullyDoo X Windows w GUI w 3D digital image segmentation and visualization Nacho Larrabide AR Go xxxxx   05/09/05 Log in
SurfRelax X Macintosh_Linux w GUI w Cortical surface extraction from MRI Jonas Larsson Go xxxxx 3.2 09/01/05 Log in
BrainStorm X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w GUI_Library w MEG and EEG toolbox in Matlab Richard Leahy GB Go xxxxx 2.0 06/01/04 Log in
dicom4j X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Cmd_Line_Library w DICOM framework and applications in Java Laurent Lecomte Go xxxxx 0.0.9 12/02/09 Log in
Ruby Dicom X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w Library w Ruby library for Dicom files and networking   Resource Christoffer Lervåg NO Go xxxxx 0.9.5 03/26/13 Log in
V X Linux w Library w Multidimensional Signal Processing for MR Zhi-Pei Liang Go xxxxx 3.0 Log in
Drishti X Windows w GUI w Volume Exploration and Presentation Tool Ajay Limaye AU Go xxxxx 0.1.8 09/30/07 Log in
Live-Vessel X Windows_Macintosh_Linux w GUI w Interactive segmentation of 2D colour medical images   Resource LiveVessel Team CA Go xxxxx   05/01/11 Log in