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http considered harmful
How we got the green padlock of approval with the help of Let’s Encrypt.
Attack of the annoying script kiddies
Old technologies made the existing site vulnerable to exploits. It helped to motivate me to move to the new site.
The I Do Imaging technology stack, 2017
I Do Imaging has been completely rewritten in the past year. Here’s what is used in the creation and production of the site.

I Do Imaging

I Do Imaging is the place to find free and open source medical imaging software. Here you'll find nearly 300 software projects, categorized, ranked, and searchable. We're constantly adding new applications, updating existing ones, listing version updates, and removing defunct projects.

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This is version 2 of the site. After 15 years, the old site has been completely rewritten in Rails (read about the rewrite in the blog post). Not all functionality and features are yet present, but all new content is added to this site, which is also much faster than before.

Newly-added programs

Name Summary Added
Osimis Web Viewer Zero-footprint DICOM viewer for Orthanc
2017-05-09 Tomographic reconstruction based on GPU computing and Python
NiftyRec GPU-accelerated tomographic reconstruction for PET/SPECT
Interfile Python library for parsing interfile files
Horos Open source, 64-bit medical image viewer based on OsiriX
Orthanc whole slide imaging Digital pathology plugin for Orthanc server
Orthanc DICOMweb plugin Add DICOMweb functionality to Orthanc server
Stone of Orthanc Lightweight, cross-platform C++ framework for the CPU-based rendering of medical images
SonicDICOM DICOM server with browser-based viewer
OHIF Viewers DICOM image viewer in Javascript

New version releases

Name Summary Version
OsiriX Lite Advanced Mac DICOM viewer and PACS workstation. 8.5
dcm2niix DICOM to NIFTI converter v1.0.20170429
CreaTools Advanced development tools and applications for image processing and visualization 2.6.5
FreeSurfer Tools for brain cortical surface reconstruction. 6.0
Orthanc Web Viewer Browser viewer plugin for Orthanc 2017-01
Santesoft DICOM Viewer 3D DICOM viewer 2D/3D for Windows 3.1.3
Horos Open source, 64-bit medical image viewer based on OsiriX 2.1.1
Papaya Browser-based Javascript 3D image viewer build-1420
Orthanc whole slide imaging Digital pathology plugin for Orthanc server 0.3
DWV - DICOM Web Viewer Browser-based DICOM viewer in HTML5 0.17.0