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Vinci (Volume Imaging in Neurological Research, Co-Registration and ROIs included) was designed for the visualization and analysis of volume data, particularly neurological PET scans. It supports DICOM and multiple file formats, particularly those common in nuclear medicine applications: ECAT and Interfile. Vinci support multiple orthogonal displays, VOI and ROI features, modifiable color maps, and several reslicing/resampling modes. Co-registration is provided in automatic and semi-automatic modes. The program is based on an extensible plugin framework and may be scripted in Python and remotely controlled through an API. The free version is a slightly limited edition of the commercial program, with some features (primarily saving of projects) disabled.

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4.84 (February 2018)
4.70 (December 2016)
4.66 (July 2016)
4.48 (June 2015)
4.43 (February 2015)
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