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LONI Debabeler

Advanced extensible medical image file converter.

LONI Debabeler converts imaging data file formats. A graphical user interface visually programs the translations, and a data translation engine reads, sorts and translates the input files. The data translation engine:
(1) Reads metadata from a set of input image files;
(2) Groups the image files using image metadata values;
(3) Translates each image file collection by mapping metadata to the output file format through programmable modules.

The Debabeler uses the Java Image I/O Plugin Architecture to read and write formats including ANALYZE, MINC, DICOM, AFNI, NIFTI.

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Latest version
2.11 (August 2012)
2.10 (November 2009)
2.9 (February 2009)
2.8 (January 2008)
2.7 (May 2007)
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Program 178 image
Program 178 image