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Function Convert
Read Format DICOM
Platform Windows
Name Summary Rating ▼ Features
openDICOM.NET DICOM library and applications in C# for .NET and Mono.
MRIConvert Converts DICOM to many formats
Matlab Dicom to NIFTI converter Convert Dicom to NIFTI in Matlab
DicomWorks DICOM viewer and converter with many features
Dinifti DICOM to NIFTI converter
MEDISP DICOM viewer (Sante Viewer). Windows-based DICOM viewing and processing.
PDL::IO::Dicom DICOM module for Perl using PDL
DICOM Vista Light DICOM Image review software for MR & CT
IDICON Interfile <-> DICOM converter/utilities
MRIcro Analyze-based medical image viewer.
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